Backpacking budget to travel to Colombia

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You cannot miss Colombia … The only danger is that you want to stay. You do not believe me? Take a look at The Dangers of Backpacking

We were nothing more and nothing less than a total of 50 days in Colombia, our budget per day was 53,000 COP (22 USD) both and 26,000 COP (11 USD) per person, attention we put these values ​​in Colombian pesos because the changes of Currency vary, so it’s important to keep this in mind.

You can take a more detailed look at the budget in the summary: Budget for backpackers for South America, we must bear in mind that we have a lot of family and friends so that budget can increase drastically if it is not the case. Although it was the country we stayed in the longest, it was also the one we left the most to see. Colombia is a huge country with incredibly warm people who welcome you wherever you are.


How to get to Colombia

As usual I leave links of interest. The best way to get there from the South American continent is undoubtedly to go by land or find a cheap plane that brings you closer. From Europe it is best to take a look at Skyscanner, where it is easy to find flights for less than 500 euros round trip. Don’t just focus on finding a plane to Bogotá and combine European capitals and cities.

Regarding visas, it is best to take a look at this website: VISAHQ, with your nationality and the days of stay will tell you if it is necessary to request a visa.

To enter Colombia you do not need any type of vaccine, if you want to renew your card it is always fine, but it is not necessary and, unless you go to the jungle, you will not require anti-malaria pills. Remember that pills have horrible side effects so it is also important to be realistic about their use and need.

Backpackers Budget for Colombia:

The budgets are expressed in USD but as we mentioned above it is best to take into account the value in local currency to avoid surprises. Go ahead a look at the total budget for the trip here

Budget for Accommodation in Colombia:

In Colombia we were able to draw many friends and family so we saved a lot in terms of accommodation, if we take a look at the general budget we will see that we spent a total of approximately $ 192 in total, that is, only 4 $ per day for BOTH in accommodation. How can you imagine if you do not have a place to sleep, this can trigger spending.

Tip!: Stay away from the Lonely planet guide, most of the sites are extremely expensive, don’t worry, there are very cheap sites that are not in these guides and are run by locals, for example, in Pasto there are thousands of accommodations near the station. train. Do not get carried away by someone and go on their own feet (if they can) normally the carriers charge a commission for each catch.


Budget for food in Colombia

By having friends and family, much of the food was provided by them, especially by my grandmother who insisted on making us fat with everything in the world. However and as usual, food was our largest expense in the country, a total of 1 million pesos went to food alone (about $ 429) that makes an average of about $ 4 a day per person.

Remember that we eat a lot of what we cook or prepare and little on the street except markets and street stalls, we do not go to restaurants.

Budget for transportation in Colombia

In Colombia we did not have time to try the finger, yes, we wanted to go to too many places and almost 900,000 pesos went in transport (about $ 360) that is almost $ 4 per person per day. Transportation in southern Colombia, before arriving in Cali, is reasonably priced. Once you pass Cali the prices multiply and it is not cheap at all. Furthermore, Colombia is the country with the highest cost of oil and therefore of transportation.

Also take into account that many days we were unemployed, we took long buses but we extended our stays in our destinations.

Tips: The prices are usually closed but you can always try to negotiate, we did it on several occasions and we came out well in the majority.

If you are going to travel long distances, take a look at the Viva Colombia airline, it works like the European Lowcost (light luggage) and has very competitive prices for internal trips. They have recently opened some international routes. It is worth the time you save. We flew in the country twice for less than $ 20

Budget for tourism in Colombia

As usual we are not paying for tourist tickets, much less, the total we spent in this category in 50 days was only 49,000 pesos. That is to say, 20$. We saved a lot of money because we entered Tayrona National Park for free, we recommend paying it because it was an odyssey, the prices for locals are very good, we were already very short of money and we got it.

Many of the museums are free on Sundays, apart from this we do not pay anything else related to tourism.

When to travel to Colombia

It is always a good time to travel to Colombia, remember that temperatures are governed by geographical altitude and not by the season, so it is always hot on the coast and “cold” in the interior. The high season is usually between July and August and therefore prices go up. Do not think that all of Colombia has a pleasant tropical climate, Bogotá for example ranges between 15 to 23 degrees all year round and at night it cools so you have to be prepared. On the other hand, in Cartagena it is impossible to sleep in the heat.

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