Bucaramanga and the arrival in La Guajira

Toño and Tere accommodated us in their house with all kinds of comforts… We didn't stop eating, we slept like kings and they gave us a visit around the capital of Santander.

We went out to know the table of the saints and its market and the Chicamocha canyon… We toured the Canyon , the small town of Santander, we took walks and bathed in rivers… They had us like kings!


There is a little detail that they cannot stop doing if they pass through those lands and that is to try the ass ants … I am a bit of a maniac with everything the truth is that it cost me a little, but I have to recognize that they taste like mani 🙂 It is not that I am going to eat 10 every but it is without a doubt much better than I expected.

behaved well with us but we could not stay forever and we wanted to see the sea again, through friends we got the contact of a family that could welcome us in La Guajira for a few , more specifically in Manaure, but for this first we had to get there and the journey was long and winding.

We go to the bus station late in the afternoon, we always try to the night hours on the bus to some pesos since buses in Colombia are especially expensive, we tried to negotiate the price but it was impossible, in Colombia the are more announced and closed in the stations and there is little room for haggling, however, when I was already giving up, Tere took the lead and took care of the issue … And how a good respectable lady concerned about “her children” and after pestering the poor salesman for about 10 minutes we got two tickets for 65,000 each. Full of satisfaction, she said goodbye to us and we thanked her in our hearts, we saved about 40,000 pesos with the nonsense.


We in Rioacha the next morning and without stopping we got on a bus to Manaure that cost us 15,000 pesos each. It was actually a van that left us in Uribia and a van from there to Manaure. At this point in La Guajira, green is already becoming scarce and water is a precious commodity.


We met Juan who received us with open arms and a smile on his face that we will never forget, for 3 days we had the pleasure of sharing a roof with a Wayuu family from the Colombian Guajira.

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