Colombian words: Colombian dictionary for your trip

Some vacationers – and even I who've been overseas for half my life – have sure issues on the subject of understanding one another all through the geography. It's also true that there are even robust variations between the totally different areas of the nation, and as I discussed in 7 ideas for touring in America, though we converse Spanish, our jargons are very totally different and differ immensely with just a few km of distance.

In fact we are able to perceive one another, that no doubt, however given the difficulties I've inspired myself to go away a small of Colombian phrases comparatively widespread so that you can put together totally to journey to . By the way in which. do not miss this information with every thing you might want to know to go to our stunning nation 🙂

In the event you can't discover the phrase you might be in search of, you possibly can ask within the feedback and others will enable you (or I actually if I do know the that means) and we'll add it to this listing by the way in which.

Colombian celebration phrases

Guayabo: discomfort that comes after a binge. Hangover
Rumbear: celebration or kiss somebody like this:
“Are we going to celebration on the finish?” “Did you go together with Natalia?”
Whiskeria: place the place they do erotic exhibits, or present sexual providers. (do not confuse haha)
By: beer
Guaro: schnapps
Deliver: alcoholic beverage
Cascar: struggle, hit somebody (hopefully nobody wants it)
Jincho: drunk

Colombian phrases of by day life

Open: go from someplace, Ex: “This will get ugly, I open from right here”
Bacano: one thing excellent Ex: “Que bacano”
Bucket: wash bucket, basin.
Berraquera: cool, cool … Sure, we now have many phrases for a similar
Camel: work or shit “what a camel I've”
Camellar: to work
Chepa: luck. Ex: “I handed the take a look at of pure hump”
Chiripa: luck hump
: bacano squared. Ex: “Que chimba” or you possibly can even enhance “Que rechimba”
Chimbo: poor high quality or faux (not used on folks)
Joke: joke
Chucha: dangerous odor of sweat
Chuspa: in some elements of Colombia chuspa means bag.
Cumbamba: chin
Drogueria: Pharmacy
Gevonada: nonsense / nonsense
Perspective: laziness, reluctance
Locha: laziness
Melon: hungry. “He gave me the melona”
Motoso: siesta
Mondá: used within the Atlantic coast of the nation. It means penis and is utilized in a really comparable method as in Spain or in different nations. Eg: “I care a couple of mondá.” “Speaking Mondá” for instance means “speaking shit”. Within the feedback they clarify what the origin of this phrase may very well be.
Paila: It's one thing much like “What a shit” Ex: “Paila brother, they already took him away”
Pecueca: smelly ft
Asshole: guevonada nonsense / nonsense
What a pity: In contrast to in Spain the place it refers to “how unhappy it's”, in Colombia saying “what a disgrace” refers to “being ashamed” or asking for permission. Ex: “I despatched the message to the man who was not, what a disgrace”, “What a disgrace, let me cross?”
tumble: police
Site visitors jam: site visitors jam, site visitors jam

Colombian phrases of assorted objects

Mug: rubbish (container ..)
Learn: further component that's positioned on high of vehicles to have extra space
Cachucha: Cap
Cucos: panties, panties (feminine underwear)
Medias: in Colombia it merely means socks (in Spain the stockings are what in Colombia are often known as “Veiled Stockings”)
That is principally EVERYTHING, any object or scenario. Ex: “Hand me that pod” “What's that pod?” “What pod did he get into?”

Colombian folks phrases and adjectives

Achantao: crestfallen, unhappy
courageous, decided.
Drained /: heavy, intense.
Chinese language: boy stripped, one other title used is “sardino / a”
Spoon / Spoon: previous or previous (within the age sense of the phrase)
Culicagao: just a little boy or lady comes from placing the phrases “ass” and “shit” collectively. It's also used to connote somebody younger with out expertise “This culicagao would not come to inform me what to do”
Chanda: ugly, shoddy
Chichipato: stingy, miser
Gamín: indigent
Gomelo: posh, immodest, with cash.
Guevon / ao Gueva: idiot, additionally used Pendejo “They scammed me, I am a gueva / a guevon”
Ingrimo / a: That you do not have a peso in your pocket or that you're in a complete state of distress (solely on the earth).
Key or Key: Buddy Ex: “Diana is my key”
Keychain: Good mates, Eg: “Luis and I are keychain”
Mono / a: rubio
Fool: the identical as tiring, somebody tiring
Malamazao: naughty
Tucked: (who will get into what he would not care about)
comparable a Gamín
Parcero/a: good friend, extra used as “Parce”
Pelao / a (Pelado / a): youngster, younger
Picho: in dangerous situation
Piró or Pirobo (for girls solely Piroba): They're derogatory phrases to discuss with somebody. Ex: “I do not like this pyro”
Polished: delicate, perfectionist
Toche: idiota. Ej: “No toche”
Sardino/a: youngster, peeled, younger
Saltatapias: gotten (who will get into what he would not care about)
As soon as: gossipy, concerned with little tendency to maintain secrets and techniques. Ex: “Do not inform your mom, do not be a toad”
Outdated: girl, lady, peeled. (not utilized in masculine)

Colombian Inventory Phrases

Open: depart someplace.
Give papaya: Not giving papaya isn't permitting somebody to reap the benefits of you.
Come: one thing that generates lots of laughs in Spain since there it means one thing else of a sexual nature. Cumming in Colombia merely means transferring away, transferring.
Unstitching / Stuttering: falling off in an unappealing method. Ex: “I virtually destutano”
Be batteries:
concentrate on one thing
Make a cow: increase cash
Deal with: drive
To place the batteries: transfer, activate
Cease balls: take note of one thing “Cease that and see what it's”
Throw field
: to snigger.
Throw the canines: courtroom or conquer.
Showcase: strolling via buying facilities with out shopping for something.

Lastly, HUNDREDS of individuals have in search of the that means of “morchis“, A phrase that I personally had by no means heard and that having requested my complete household, neither did they. However there are SO MANY who got here right here in search of this that I've began trying and have come to a conclusion, morchis is a tacky method of claiming “Amorchis” which in flip is a tacky method of claiming “Sweetie” or one thing comparable.

IF anybody is aware of what “Jebaza” means, I'd recognize it for those who enlightened us all within the feedback (which apparently seems in a track), I've by no means heard it and lots of come asking.

What I've come to snigger in search of this …

The reality is that today a lot of them amuse me once I hearken to them, however I've to confess that they're nice. I'm satisfied that I've left many many extra, however for the time being they don't come to my reminiscence so if any of these “phrases” that we use in beloved Colombia to designate the strangest issues, don't hesitate to go away it within the feedback and we'll add it to the listing 😀

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