Health and fitness – what is the difference between them?


There is a lot of talk in our service about fitness and exercise. What is the difference between these?

Health is any type of physical activity that has a positive effect on health. It aims for better health and maintains good health. Exercise, on the other hand, is aimed at good fitness or maintaining it. Although fitness is part of health, there are qualitative differences in health and fitness.

The effects of exercise are mainly related to the amount of exercise , such as minutes moved, steps taken, or calories . Exercise requires that you always have enough power to make an impact. Exercise should the threshold of sweating and at least mild breathing.

Health exercise is effortless

Health exercise is such that it can be done effortlessly. Its characteristics are regularity, reasonable load and continuity.

Regularity in health exercise means daily exercise. Moderate exertion, on the other hand, means that you get some breath during exercise but are able to speak. Brisk in the middle-aged and elderly meets this requirement well. Just load generated in a half hour daily physical activity. This can be done continuously or in several shorter periods, for example, three ten-minute bursts.

Health exercise can be realized in many different , such as everyday exercise, work-related physical exertion, or recreational, utility, and recreational exercise.

Exercise is a burden

If the goal is good fitness or some form of exercise performance, exercise is needed. According to the general exercise recommendation, it would be a good idea to exercise at least 3-4 times a week, for 30 minutes at a time, and at least at a power that causes sweating and shortness of breath.

As a general rule, once a week, exercise does not yet affect the condition and is not enough to maintain it, twice a week is enough to maintain the condition, provided that the effectiveness of the exercise is maintained. Lighter but more abundant exercise is no substitute for more effective exercise.

Health and fitness helps to cope

Health fitness is a new concept that extends the traditional concept of fitness from sports and exercise-related performance to everyday functional capacity and health. Good health helps you to cope and cope with everyday routines.

Health status includes factors of physical fitness that are positively affected by physical activity and lack of physical activity and that are related to health or functional capacity. There are many types of health. Good health means, among other things, good endurance (aerobic fitness), body control (motor fitness), muscle strength, muscle endurance and joint mobility (musculoskeletal condition), bone strength and appropriate weight.

Body functions need exercise

Exercise promotes all the functions of the body. However, different functions require slightly different exercise to be in full steel.

Due to the cardiovascular system, adults should engage in moderately strenuous endurance exercise or other physical activity such as walking, Nordic walking, , or swimming most days of the week, and preferably for at least 30 minutes daily in one or more periods at a time.

The musculoskeletal system needs exercise that improves muscle strength and joint mobility such as stretching, gymnastics, dancing, gymnastics, gym training or various ball games. This type of exercise should be done 1-2 times a week.

The functioning of the nervous system slows down with age, and this impairs the safety of movement. In addition to exercising muscle strength and flexibility, it is important for older in particular to engage in balance-enhancing exercises such as cross-country walking, skiing, ball games, dancing, , tai chi or golf.

Am I moving?

If you have exercised a little in the past, you should always start with health exercise and take advantage of the opportunities for exercise in everyday tasks and activities. Once you are used to exercising regularly and taking advantage of opportunities, and if your health allows, you can set a goal of regular and performance-enhancing exercise.

Even if it seems difficult to start exercising, it is worth remembering that the transition from immobility to exercise has significant health effects.

However, the health benefits of exercise do not increase linearly by increasing the amount or effectiveness of the exercise. On the other hand, an exercise that is more burdensome than health exercise increases health benefits, but the dangers and disadvantages of exercise also become somewhat more common.

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