The sea and … Montanita

After the night, practically awake on the station, we purchased on the bus sooner than dawn and in plenty of hours we reached the Pacific Coast.

Learn how to get to Montanita?

Getting there was comparatively since we took the direct bus (of which there are solely two), one at 5:30 am (ours) and one different at 1 pm (from Guayaquil) and even once they lose these buses, connecting simply is not robust by means of Santa Elena. The bus value us $ 5.75 to each one and I'm not going to lie, I don't bear in mind how prolonged it lasted nonetheless it wasn't too prolonged.

We arrived on town with frequently ahead, many people had suggested us about Montanita, many for the upper, plenty of for the extra critical, we didn't know what to anticipate, the one issue we knew as rapidly as we purchased off the bus was that it was full, or so it appeared, fortuitously the bus dropped us off on the first freeway, significantly away from the seaside and by that exact same freeway we received down to find a tenting website. !Positive!, Tenting! The temperature was wonderful, the worth vary was restricted and Montañita appeared pretty expensive, so not solely did now we have now no completely different , nevertheless we wished considerably to mud our purple vango as soon as extra and gives it some shine.


We searched considerably and some places requested an excessive worth for what little they gave … Strolling they supplied us each factor, from cigarettes to cocaine … I have no idea if it was not evident that with 15 kilos on excessive of inserting a line on my plans nevertheless apparently they wished no for an answer. I purchased considerably defensive and we lastly found a niche to get into.

The campsite (or what it was often known as) had hardly one thing nevertheless a bottle of butane to organize dinner and water to wash in, which was enough for us. We arrived early, we paid the night to 4 {{dollars}} and I was warned that the following day and on account of “Surf Championship” we would pay double.

Dammit! we're on a regular basis with the an identical … we'll fall to the places of the tons on the worst time of the yr … successfully, we did not want to give it some thought, we paid, we planted our tent and I fell asleep for a number of hours throughout the heat of the coast, heat that we had not felt for a really very long time.

The morning received right here, our neighbors woke up and turned out to be basically essentially the most varied, an Argentine-Colombian couple with a cat and a canine in widespread and a bunch of 4 in a number of tents, none of them of the an identical nationality. Argentine, Mexican, Canadian and Hungarian touring collectively in . They met working in a hostel in and took plenty of to journey collectively.

The truth is that as a result of them Montañita was moderately extra bearable, we had a number of beers and mojitos throughout the light of the moon and the ocean, we ate reheated spaghetti whereas the mosquitoes riddled us and we talked about many, many points. shock.

The next morning we decided to go away, we did not want to pay more for one factor that was not worth it. Town was nothing higher than a shit hole and rabble (on the entire) medicine, a whole bunch of designer consuming locations on unpaved streets -all very bizarre- and above all, many, many people. We would proceed going by means of the ocean, nevertheless we might go away Montañita behind.

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