Best weight loss tips for the new year

Best weight loss tips

Best weight loss tips:

New Year's resolutions have been made and motivation is at its highest in terms of weight loss and exercise. Read the best weight loss tips for the new year and takes a step towards your dream body!

1. Drink plenty of water and other low-calorie beverages. Before you put your hand in the plaster bag, enjoy a glass of water.  often confuse a feeling of thirst with hunger, so you may end up eating extra calories instead of the glass of water you need. If tap water doesn't take away your cravings, try a calorie- mineral water or enjoy a cup of herbal tea.

2. Avoid evening chatter. In the evenings, the whole diet can be easily spun by the TV with “little” snacks. Close the kitchen door after dinner or enjoy a low-calorie mouthful, such as half a serving of low-calorie ice cream, if you properly make up your mind for goodies. But no more!

3. Enjoy your pleasures. Don't forget your favorite foods or pastries on a diet regimen either. A total ban when can often even lead to binge eating. However, remember moderation and portion size – that's the most important thing!

4. Enjoy several small meals a . There is no need to starve on a diet and the solution is to enjoy several small meals or snacks a day. Studies show that those who eat 4-5 small meals a day have better control over their hunger and weight.

5. Protein at every meal. Proteins produce a feeling of satiety better than carbohydrates or fats and keep hunger at bay for a long time. Proteins also help build muscle and promote fat burning. For example, you get protein from lean meat, yogurt, cheese, nuts and beans.

6. your food. Add spices and chili to your food so your taste buds are activated and you get satiated more easily and you don't eat as much.

7. Fill your kitchen with . With healthy and easy cooking ingredients in the cupboard, making a meal and snack is easy, and there will be no temptation to order pizza when hunger strikes.

8. Order a children's portion at the restaurant. Don't let hunger fool you when ordering food, as often even a smaller meal will take away your hunger, even before you feel like you could eat five steaks before eating.

9. Add vegetables. By simply eating vegetables instead of pasta and bread, you can drop several pounds and change your clothing size to one smaller.

10. Always enjoy . Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and keeps you full for a long time.

11. Include fiber in your diet. Fiber improves digestion, prevents constipation and lowers cholesterol – but also helps with weight management. You can get fiber from whole grain products, oats, fruits, vegetables and beans, among other things. The recommended fiber intake is at least 25 grams per day for women and 35 grams per day for men.

12. Do not store treats in your cupboards. If you always have ice cream in your freezer and chips in your closet, you will make losing weight too difficult. If a craving for treats strikes, you should at least walk into the store to get the treats.

13. Slowly good comes. Weight loss takes time, so set realistic goals for yourself. A weight loss of 0.5 to 1 kilogram per week is a suitable pace, depending on the starting weight.

14. Weigh yourself once a week. Regular weightlifters have been found to be more successful in weight loss. However, once a week is enough, so that small daily variations in weight do not interfere. Remember these: the same day, at the same time, with the same pound, the same clothes on.

15. Enough sleep. Adequate sleep is also important for the dieter, as sleep is important for hunger-regulating hormones.

16. Remember the portion size! When eating out, the portion sizes are far too large and it's easy to take this habit home with you as well. Use a kitchen scale (at least initially) to ensure a suitable portion size and choose smaller plates and drinking glasses. Divide the restaurant portions in half and ask for the other half to take home so you have the next day's food ready.

17. Enjoy more fruits and vegetables. By eating more fruits and vegetables, you will keep hunger at bay for longer because they are fibrous and watery. Plus, you get plenty of vitamins!

18. Reasonable alcohol. Alcohol contains a surprising amount of calories. Therefore, limit alcohol use to weekends at most and remain reasonable even then.

19. Pure chewing gum. If your mind makes treats, try xylitol chewing gum. Often, cravings go away and you get a little bit of hunger.

20. Keep a food diary. Simply pen and paper alone can change your eating habits. Studies show that food diarying helps reduce calories and eat healthier.

21. Reward yourself! If you have managed to lose weight this week, reward yourself! Of course not with a treat, but with, for example, buying a new garment or a CD or going to the movies.

22. Support from friends and family. Tell your loved ones about your goal and ask them for support in losing weight. Maybe they too want to try a healthier lifestyle with you!

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